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Victor C. Rupert Owner of SMR

Stallion and Mare ReHair was born of the idea that high quality ReHairs were needed in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex for ALL Musicians.  We look at your ReHair with a single minded dedication to your needs.  We treat every bow as if it is our own. We clean it, polish it,  lubricate the moving parts, and return it to you in the best possible condition with the best hair avaible on the market.  We do this whether or not it's a 1/2 size student bow, or a rare tortoise shell and gold Hill, or whatever your gem is.  Speaking of gem, we are also fully insured while your prize is in our care.  You won't lose sleep and I won't either!  Our hair is Premium Stallion Hair sorted five times for color, unbleached for strength, and tested for strength to give you the least breakage and most durability possible.

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